Press reviews

"The Belfield Tide Plotter software has been an established tidal prediction program for a good few years now, but the developers still manage to improve it and add new features. They have incorporated tidal data from the UKHO and provided software to calculate tidal flows and represent them graphically on an outline chart with arrows that change size and shape to demonstrate speed and direction."

Motor Boats Monthly 2006 - Can you afford not to have one!
Sea Angler, the latest powerful tide prediction software from Belfield Software.
Sailing Today,  the latest version of Tide Plotter gives a tide height finder.
Boards, UK windsurfing, Tide Plotter is a snip at £10.99.
Scuba, Tide Plotter is a greater success than King Canute.
Paddles,Lost the plot? Then try Tide Plotter.
Treasure Hunting Tide Plotter will be of great assistance to anyone using the tidal shores.
Bird Watching, This program does all the hard work for you. Like all reviewers I waded into the program without bothering to read the instructions first and was delighted to find I didn't need to - it is an absolute doddle to use.